25 October 2016

The Collection of the Month: JODAC

The Johannesburg Democratic Action Committee (JODAC) Collection (AL2424)

The Johannesburg Democratic Action Committee (JODAC) was formed after the launch of the United Democratic Front (UDF) in 1983 as an organisation for the people of Johannesburg. JODAC, as a UDF affiliate, took the responsibility for furthering the principle of non-racialism by providing opportunities for whites to join in the struggle against apartheid. When the UDF was restricted, JODAC managed to maintain itself as an organisation, and continued to be a link with forums such as the End Conscription Campaign (ECC) and Five Freedoms Forum (FFF)

AL2446_0340 Join Jodac

JODAC disbanded in 1990 once liberation movements had been unbanned. The collection provides insight into the minutes, reports, conference papers, audio recordings, photographs and other organisational material of JODAC.

Below are some of the JODAC materials

AL2424 JODAC collection archival box and document from the collection