11 September 2017

This Week On The Continent


11 September 2012: About 50 Al-Shabaab, youth movement fighters were killed in conflict with the Somali National Army.

12 September 2006: The Pietermaritzburg High Court ruled that the National Prosecuting Authority's decision to recharge African National Congress President Jacob Zuma on fraud and corruption charges was invalid.

13 September 1990: Train commuters at Johannesburg, South Africa were attacked and about 36 of them lost their lives.

14 September 1977: The former ANC member and UDF leader, Christmas Tinto was sentenced to seven years imprisonment in Robben Island, South Africa.

15 September 1900: A Boer delegation issues an appeal at the Hague, Netherlands, that the major powers intervene in the war in South Africa.

16 September 1795: Dutch lost to British its long established Cape Town settlement in South Africa.

17 September 2004: Burundi lawmakers agreed unanimously to a new draft constitution. But Jean Baptiste Manwangari UPRONA party chairman and his Tutsis-dominated party rejected it.