25 September 2017

This Week On The Continent

25 September 1964: Mozambique celebrates the formation of the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (FRELIMO) by anti-Portuguese groups who then began their armed campaign against colonial rule. This is also known as Revolution Day or the Liberation Forces Day. An Armed Force Day is a day when all people of a nation come together to appreciate and support the armed forces for a day to pay homage to the armed forces.

26 September 1901: Great Britain added to its territory the Ashanti Kingdom and placed it under the governor of the Gold Coast, Ghana.

27 September 1983: South Africa worker's union leader Curnick Ndlovu, who coordinated the activities of the Umkhonto weSizwe and also spearheaded the recruitment of cadres into the people's army was released from Robben Island prison years after 19 years.

28 September 1978: Pieter Botha succeeds Vorster as premier of South Africa

29 September 1935: After receiving threats of invasion by Italy, Emperor Selassie of Ethiopia announced his intention to mobilize his under-equipped forces.

30 September 1966:The Republic of Botswana became independent.

01 September 1961: East and West Cameroon merged as Federal Republic of Cameroon.