SAHA in the Media - 2003

News of SAHA's work was reported in South African and International Media in 2003 in the articles listed below:

'Archive sticks to its gun over TRC files' This Day; 23/12/2003

'Wits aims to open apartheid era files' This Day;·28/11/2003

'Smoke & Mirrors' This Day; 24/11/2003

'Spy List unlikely to be released' This Day; 22/11/2003

'National archivist takes liberty with the facts' This Day; 19/11/2003

'A delicate balancing act at the National Archives' This day; 17/11/2003

'National Archive denies it has spy list, battle fro access to TRC files will be heard in court' This Day; 30/10/2003·

On 28 October 2003, FXI and the South African History Archive (SAHA) issued a press statement expressing their dismay at the South African·; 30/10/2003

'Article on the case of Bulelani Ngcuka' Natal Witness; 22/09/2003

'Spy lists unlikely to be released' Pretoria News; 22/09/2003

'Deadline looms for TRC spy files to be handed to Archives' The Star; 22/09/2003

'Spy lists likely to stay a secret' Natal Mercury; 22/09/2003

State of Access to Information, by Dale T. McKinley; 22/08/2003

Terreblanche, Christelle; 'Sensitive TRC files under lock n Key' The Star; 26/07/2003

'HRC to subpoena public bodies for reports' Sunday Independent; 13/07/2003

'Comrades who wore two masks. Releasing a secret TRC report: could this expose top ANC officials' The Star; 28/05/2003

'Secret files to be opened' Sunday Times; 28/05/2003

SAHA settles with the Department of Justice, Verne Harris; 18/05/2003

"In Pursuit of the Truth" asks Rolf Sorensen, researcher at the South African History Archive in Johannesburg. Increasingly, the emphasis placed on good governance by Nepad' Zimbabwe Independent; 16/05/2003


'Fact & Fiction' Mail & Guardian; 17/04/2003


'Bid to open secret apartheid files' Sunday Times; 06/04/2003


'Media misled over missing TRC files' Mail·& Guardian; 20/03/2003


'Battle in court for access to TRC files' Cape Argus; 17/01/2003


Access to information, Natal Witness, 9 January 2003.


Battle in court for access to TRC files, Cape Argus, 17 January 2003.


Court test over whether citizens can see TRC files, Pretoria News, 18 January 2003


Fact and fiction, Weekly Mail and Guardian, 24 April 2003.


SA archives settles over TRC, Citizen, 12 May 2003.


Secret files to be opened, Sunday Times, 18 May 2003.


TRC 'dark secrets' will out, Leader, 23 May 2003. 


Comrades who wore two masks, Star, 28 May 2003.


Challenge against info gag, Leader, 30 May 2003.


NIA wants permanent blanket of secrecy, Star, 18 June 2003. 


Spy lists unlikely to be released, Pretoria News, 22 September 2003.


A delicate balancing act at the national archives, This Day, 17 November 2003. 


Archives sticks to its guns over TRC files, This Saturday, 23 December 2003.


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