09 October 2017

This Week On The Continent

9 October 1962: Uganda became an Independent state after 70 years of British rule.
10 October 1980: A powerful earthquake shook Algerian capital city and killed 4,500 people.
11 October 1899: The South African Second Boer War broke out between the British Empire and Boers of the Transvaal and Orange Free State.
12 October 2012: Equatorial Guinea achieved an Independence from Spain.
13 October 1962: Helen Joseph was the first person to be placed under house arrest, after the apartheid government introduced the Sabotage Act.
14 October 1951: Herman Charles Bosman, South African author dies of thrombosis in Edenvale.
15 October 1990: South African President FW de Klerk's abolished the Separate Amenities Act, which separated Blacks from public facilities.