23 October 2017

This Week On The Continent

23 October 1957: Paul Kagame, a popular politician and the 6th president of Rwanda was born. Kagame served two terms of presidency in Rwanda.
24 October 1995: Zambia achieved independence from Britain. Kenneth Kaunda became the first country's president and proclaimed one-party rule.
25 October 1838: Louis Trichardt, a Voortekker leader died of malaria in Maputo. He was the only Voortekker leader who kept a diary of his journey.
26 October 1976: Transkei was declared as an independent state under the government's multinational policy but was not recognized outside South African borders.
27 October 1917: A South African anti-apartheid activist, Oliver Tambo was born in Bizana. He's well known for his legendary role in the political struggle of South Africa.
28 October 1971: Winnie Mandela was given a six-month suspension for disobeying a banner. She was summoned to appear in court in the following month.
29 October 1989: The SA Truth and Reconciliation Commission presented its report, condemning both apartheid and anti- apartheid parties for committing human rights violation.