16 October 2017

This Week On The Continent

16 October 1939: South African activist, Dr. Charlotte Manye Maxeke passed away. She was one of the first black South Africans to graduate and fight against exploitation of women.
17 October 1991: 18 political prisoners were released from Bophuthatswana, African National Congress (ANC) reaffirmed the nation that their release is unconditional as per negotiations with South African government.
18 October 1913: King Dinizulu kaCetshwayo (South Zulu King) died on this day. He played a huge role in the South African struggle opposing colonialism and imperialism.
19 October 1986: Mozambican President Samora Machel and 34 fellow passengers died on a presidential plane crash in Mbuzini (Mpumalanga).President Machel and other government officials were on their way back to Maputo after attending a Frontline States summit in Lusaka.
20 October 1963: South African President Nelson Mandela and other anti-apartheid activists went on trial for their lives. This trial is regarded as the "trial that changed South Africa''
21 October 1931: Transvaal women started vending without licenses in Vereeniging and ended up crossing the Natal Border to encourage the miners in Newcastle to go on strike.
22 October 1971: Ahmed Timol was arrested and few days later was found dead in John Vorster Square police station.