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A Teachers' Guide to Stopping the Music

Theme: Shifty Education

Call Number: D01.01.02
Identifier: AL3296_D01.01.02
Title: A Teachers' Guide to Stopping the Music
Date: 2005
Subject: Censorship;
Michael Drewett;
Paul Erasmus;
Roger Lucey;
Stopping the Music;
Teachers' guide
Description: This is a teachers' guide to 'Stopping the Music: a guide to a story of censorship of popular music during apartheid' - a guidebook to the film about an anti-apartheid protest singer, Roger Lucey and Paul Erasmus, the security branch policeman assigned to end his career, by Michael Drewett, published in 2005. This guide was digitised by the South African History Archive (SAHA) in 2014. Included in the SAHA physical and/or virtual exhibitions 'What you won't hear on the radio', developed to mark the 30th birthday of Shifty Records and the 25th anniversary of the Voƫlvry tour.
Creator: Michael Drewett
Type: Booklet
Format: Access copy - pdf
Preservation copy - tiff
Source: SAHA collection AL3296
Language: English
Coverage: South Africa
Rights: Michael Drewett
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