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Shifty catalogue

Shifty Albums

1984 Sankomota by Sankomota

1984 Own Affairs by the Kalahari Surfers

1984 Sound Future by the Happy Ships

1985 Wie is Bernoldus Niemand? by Bernoldus Niemand

1985 A Naartjie in Our Sosatie by various artists

1985 Live at Jamesons by the Cherry Faced Lurchers

1985 FOSATU Worker Choirs

1985 Living in the Heart of the Beast by the Kalahari Surfers

1985 Forces Favourites by various artists

1985 An Evening with the Softies by the Softies

1986 The Voice of Nooit! by Corporal Punishment and Illegal Gathering

1986 One for All by ISJA

1986 Goema by the Genuines

1986 The Aeroplanes by the Aeroplanes

1986 Wasamata by Simba Morri

1986 Change is Pain by Mzwakhe Mbuli

1986 Enhlambamasoka by the Mahlabatini Bekimbazo Brothers

1986  Grooving Jive #1 by Noise Khanyile and the Jo'burg City Stars

1987 Sleep Armed by the Kalahari Surfers

1987 On the Other Side by the Abstractions

1987 Dans, Kerk & Werk by Draadloos

1987 Ver van die Ou Kalahari by André Letoit

1987 Hand Around the Heart by Jennifer Ferguson

1987 The K-Team by the K-Team

1988 Township Boy by the MAMU Players

1988 Tananas by the Tananas

1988 Mr Mac & the Genuines by Mr Mac & the Genuines

1988 Ek Sê by the Kêrels

1988 Voëlvry by various artists

1988 Sophiatown by the Junction Avenue Theatre Company

1988 Koos by Koos

1989 Eet Kreef! by Johannes Kerkorrel en die Gereformeerde Blues Band

1989 Unbroken Spirit by Mzwakhe Mbuli

1989 Itwasa Lika Puzu Shukela Namagugu Akwazulu by Noise Khanyile

1989 The Art of Noise by Noise Khanyile

1989 Niemandsland by Koos Kombuis

1989 Winston's Jive Mixup by Winston's Jive Mixup

1989 Bigger than Jesus / Beach Bomb by the Kalahari Surfers

1990 Die Saai Lewe by Randy Rambo en die Rough Riders

1990 Live in South Africa by Ian Fraser

1990 Viva! K-Team! by the K-Team

1990 Urgent Release by the Kalahari Surfers

1990 The Homecoming by Free State Music

1990 Season of Violence by Free State Music

1990 Mandela Speaks by Nelson Mandela - A People's Radio project

1990 The Leaders Speak by Sisulu/Kathrada - A People's Radio project

1990 Medicine by Ray Lema

1990 Fode by Kasse Mady

1990 Soro by Salif Keïta

1990 Untimely by Jennifer Ferguson

1990 Mephato ya Maloba by the Kgwanyape Band

1990 Big Beat by the Radio Rats

1990 Budgie Beat by various artists

1990/91 The Otherwhite Album by the Cherry Faced Lurchers

1991 In.to.nation by Tony Cox

1992 When You Come Back by Vusi Mahlasela

1992 End Beginnings by Lesego Rampolokeng and the Kalahari Surfers

1993 Zen Surfing in the Third World by Robin Auld

1993 Sunny Skies by the Cherry Faced Lurchers

1994 Soul Ou by James Phillips

1994 Wisdom of Forgiveness by Vusi Mahlasela

1995 Made in South Africa by James Phillips

1995 Sea Level by Urban Creep

1995 New Africa Rock by various arists

1995 Chrome Sweet Chrome by the Kêrels

1996 Heavy Water by Robin Auld

1996 Removable Tattoos by the Sunshines

1997 Tightroper by Urban Creep

1998 Turn On You by Matthew van der Want

1998 Shotdown by various artists

1999 Low Riding by Van derWant/Letcher

2002 Bignity by Van der Want/Letcher

2002 Voëlvry/Die Toer by various artists

2005 Alien Inboorling by Rian Malan

Seven Singles

1983 Hou my vas Korporaal by Bernoldus Niemand

1984 Mad House! / Hero by Sankomota

1984 Boksburg Bommer by Bernoldus Niemand

1984 Mission to Cairo / Rope Without Slack by the Softies

1984 Whiskey Strait Up / Last Song from the Heart by Tight Head Fourie and the Loose Forwards 

1986 Troubled Dreams / 20th Floor by the Genuines (Goema album)

1986 Enhlambamasoka / Bantubakithi by the Mahlabatini Bekimbazo Brothers

1987 Won't discuss it Desperately by Mr Mac & the Genuines

1988 Golden Days Jol  by Die Kêrels

1988 Voëlvry / Warrelwind (Voëlvry album)

1988 Ry / Hillbrow by Johannes Kerkorrel en die Gereformeerde Blues Band

1989 Ossewa / Liefde by Johannes Kerkorrel en die Gereformeerde Blues Band

1989 Onder in my Whiskey-glas / Lisa se Klavier by Koos Kombuis






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