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Shifty Spaces

The sounds of Shifty are synonymous with some key Shifty spaces, most famous of which is arguably Jameson's:

Jameson's made The Cherry-Faced Lurchers. When the band got a residency there in 1984, it was the moment at which a rather ramshackle band pulled itself together. By July 1985, when Lloyd Ross of Shifty Records put Live at Jameson's down on tape, they were an extraordinarily tight three-piece with a repertoire of songs exceptional for their strength - and their rollicking sense of fun.

Shaun de Waal

James Phillips performing with Richard Frost as the Cherry Faced Lurchers at Jameson's in 1985Album cover: Live at Jameson's


Many Shifty artists also performed at the Black Sun, including Jennifer Ferguson, and other bars along Yeoville's Rockey Street. 

After Shifty moved just down the road from the Market Theatre Precinct, the Market Warehouse became a site for concerts, and the nearby flea market an outlet for those seditious sounds.

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