AL3301 :: The Glenda Webster Collection

Collection No: AL3301
Title: The Glenda Webster Collection
Creator: Debora Matthews
Origination: Glenda Webster
Inclusive Dates: 2015
Extent: 1 essay
Language: English
Acquisition: AR15/074
Use Restrictions: This collection is open for research
Created: 16 November 2015
Abstract: This collection consists of an essay entitled 'David Webster: A fearless defence of legality and due process?' by Glenda Webster. The essay, drawing on material from Glenda Webster's personal collection (not lodged with SAHA), records her experiences of David Webster's contribution to the work of the Detainees' Parents' Support Committee (DPSC), an organisation established in October 1981 to oppose and expose detention without trial in particular and repressive human rights violations in general.
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