AL3284 :: Mark Gevisser's Research Papers for Thabo Mbeki: The Dream Deferred

Collection No: AL3284
Title: Mark Gevisser's Research Papers for Thabo Mbeki: The Dream Deferred
Creator: Inventory prepared by Theresa Collins in April 2010, updated by Esmerelda Dirks in September 2010
Origination: Mark Gevisser
Inclusive Dates: 1908-2007
Bulk Dates: 1990-2004
Extent: 6.9 linear metres (69 archival boxes)
Language: English
Acquisition: Accession number: 08/002, 09/102
Access Restrictions: This collection is open for research
Use Restrictions: Copyright restrictions may apply. See SAHA copyright statement for Use Restrictions
Created: 05 May 2010
Abstract: The Mark Gevisser collection includes a range of material collected during research done for the Thabo Mbeki biography, The Dream Deferred. Classification of the collection follows the structure of the book. Written in eight parts The Dream Deferred explores: (1) Thabo Mbeki’s familial roots in the Transkei before 1942, the year he was born, the ‘New Africaness’ of his parents’ generation. (2) Thabo Mbeki’s childhood and youth in Mbewuleni, his birthplace and in Queenstown, Butterworth and Alice where he schooled; his return to Mbewuleni after being expelled from Lovedale. (3) Mbeki’s departure to Johannesburg in 1960, where he prepared for graduate studies, (4) his departure to Europe where he lived and studied from 1962-1971 at Sussex and in Moscow. (5) His return to Africa in 1971 to work for the ANC’s ‘Revolutionary Council’ in Zambia, Swaziland and Nigeria, and his marriage in 1974 to Zanele Dlamini. (6) Mbeki’s role and management style as overseer of the Department of Information Propaganda (later Publicity) and as the ANC’s political secretary during 1978-1990, his handling of Mugabe, the disappearance of his brother Jama Mbeki, his relationship with Joe Slovo and the SACP, the ANC’s relationship with Russia and the US. Mbeki’s role in the first meetings between the ANC and the South African government (7) and in reaching a negotiated settlement during 1990-1994 when he and other exiles returned to South Africa. Mbeki’s African Renaissance Project. Mbeki replaced as chief negotiator and his growing belief of conspirators set against his ascendancy in the ANC. (8) Mbeki’s understanding of government, his handling of debates about the economy, the arms deal, his relationship with Mandela, racial reconciliation and the AIDS crisis during 1994 and onwards.
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