AL2984 :: The Tucker Foundation Oral History Project

Collection No: AL2984
Title: The Tucker Foundation Oral History Project
Creator: Unknown. Inventory updated by Debora Matthews in February 2023.
Origination: Brian Tucker
Publisher: SAHA
Extent: 25 sound recordings
Language: English
Acquisition: Accession Number: none
Access Restrictions: This collection is open for research
Use Restrictions: Copyright restrictions may apply. See SAHA copyright statement for Use Restrictions.
Copyright: Finding Aid: © The South African History Archive (SAHA)
Created: 21 August 2009
Abstract: The Tucker Foundation Project was funded by Brian Tucker, a white South African who currently lives in Australia. The project was compiled by the University of the Witwatersrand School of Journalism. Brian Tucker wanted the contributions of white South Africans who fought against apartheid to be documented. M. Friedman conducted interviews in 2003 with the following interviewees: Graeme Bloch, David Disan, Bernie Fanaroff, Patrick Fitzgerald, Roland Hunter, Adele Kirsten, Gerald Kraak, Matthew Krause, Janet Love, Lucey Roger, Glen Moss, Carl Niehaus, Albert Nolan, Benita Pavlicevic, Laurine Platzky, Laura Pollecutt, Robbie Potenza, Max Price, Anne-Marie Rademeyer, Beulah Rollnick, Lisa Seftel, Jessica Sherman, Morice Smithers (interview missing), Noel Stott, Jan Theron and Eddie Webster.
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