SAHA workshops for history educators

SAHA has been running workshops for history educators since 2008 as part of SAHA's ongoing efforts to use history as a lens for exploring issues of justice, human rights and responsibilities. These workshops are intended to support educators in helping young people to become active, tolerant and responsible democratic citizens who value diversity, human rights and peace.

Drawing on existing SAHA archival and education materials for history educators, these workshops aim to support quality education, in line with curriculum requirements, enabling educators to work with learners to: 

  • develop oral history and heritage projects around often previously marginalised community histories;
  • use primary sources to explore and discuss recent South African history;
  • draw on the archive of the TRC to discuss issues of reconciliation in the South African context.

Educators at workshop on using John Vorster Square as a case study for teaching apartheid historyEducators interacting with exhibition as part of a workshop on using John Vorster Square as a case study for teaching apartheid history

SAHA products and publication used in the course of these workshops include:

The Battle Against Forgetting: human rights and the unfinished business of the TRC

Between Life and Death: Stories from John Vorster Square (DVD + educators' guide)

Meeting history face-to-face: A guide to oral history (book & DVD)

SAHA in the Classroom: using primary sources to teach apartheid history (1976 - 1994)

Voices from our Past (CD and educators' guide)

In 2015, SAHA conducted 9 half-day workshops for educators.

SAHA's history education workshop programme has been funded largely by the Altantic Philanthropies and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

For more information on SAHA workshop series for history educators, please email


Teaching the TRC

To mark the 20th anniversary of the first public hearings of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission,     SAHA will be hosting a workshop for educators on teaching the TRC in the classrooms.

Date: 9 April 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 9am to 1pm
Venue: SAHA's offices at Constitution Hill

To attend the workshop, please RSVP online, call 0117182560 or send an email