AL3297 :: The Constitution and Civil Society Project Collection

Collection No: AL3297
Title: The Constitution and Civil Society Project Collection
Creator: Debora Matthews
Origination: South African History Archive (SAHA)
Inclusive Dates: 1996-2015
Bulk Dates: 2014
Extent: 33 oral history audio-interviews and transcripts; 153 electronic documents (related research material)
Language: English
Acquisition: AR14/088, AR14/100, AR14/115, AR14/116, AR14/127, AR14/129
Access Restrictions: This collection is open for research
Created: 17 April 2015
Abstract: The Constitution and Civil Society Project collection documents a multi-faceted research and archival project conducted by the South African History Archive (SAHA) since 2014 with the primary aim to explore the changing relationship between civil society and the South African Constitution as we approach the 20th anniversary of the formal adoption of the Constitution in 1996. Collection materials to date include audio-recordings and transcripts from thirty-three interviews conducted by Dale McKinley with leaders of civil society organisations, individual activists, academics and lawyers, as well as related research materials on crucial constitutional rights cases, as well as academic, legal and activist materials written over the past two decades on civil society’s commentary on and interactions with the Constitution.
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