31 July 2014

Announcing SHIFTY SEPTEMBER: Celebrating 30 years of seditious sounds

Shifty Records, the Alliance Française of Johannesburg & the South African History Archive (SAHA) present SHIFTY SEPTEMBER:

A Heritage Month tribute to the Shifty Records music label,

combining exhibitions, documentary screenings, panel discussions and, of course, concerts 

to celebrate the Shifty story of musical activism in the struggle for democracy in South Africa.

Collage of Shifty Records

Shifty September will be taking place in Johannesburg throughout September 2014 to celebrate Shifty’s 30th birthday, the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking Voëlvry tour and to mark 20 years of democracy in South Africa.

The Shifty September programme aims to:

  • Celebrate Shifty’s legacy by drawing attention to its rich history and back catalogue at events, and with multiple compilation and commemoration album releases throughout the month, culminating in the SHIFTY HERITAGE MUSIC FESTIVAL: Viva la Différence! at the Bassline on 24 September 2014;
  • Use the Shifty Story as a lens to consider the role of protest music in the making of democracy in South Africa through exhibitions, discussions and screenings;
  • Provide wider public access to this history of musical activism through SAHA’s archives (to be available for public consultation at Constitution Hill and online from September 2014);
  • Raise funds for further exciting Shifty projects beyond Shifty September.

To find out more about Shifty September, what will be happening when and how you can join in the fun, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

To help us make this a real Shifty celebration (and get yourself a ticket to the BIG EVENT), visit the ShiftySeptember Thundafund crowdfunding page and show us some Shifty love by buying a reward (or three). 

Or if you are heading op die koppie for some Odyssey fun, pay your Shifty Sin Tax at Oppikoppi and toast to 30 years of seditious sounds to get in on the Shifty action.

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