14 July 2014

RIP Nadine Gordimer

Nobel laureate, author and anti-apartheid activist Nadine Gordimer passed away this week. 

Gordimer was active in the anti-apartheid movement and helped Mandela prepare his famous, ‘I am prepared to die’ speech, given at the Rivonia Trial. She was one of the first people he wanted to see when released from prison

She was outspoken against apartheid in her works and several of her works were banned in South Africa for extended periods of time.

In an interview with journalist Julie Frederikse in 1988 she said: “It's a challenge - Horrible word politicians use, but I think it is a challenge to convince blacks, but by your actions and not words and above all by listening to them, by taking the lead from them to convince them that you can and indeed will opt out of class and colour.”

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Offset litho poster, produced by Anti-Censorship Action Group (ACAG), 1988 

Offset litho poster, produced by the Anti-Censorship Action Group (ACAG), 1988,archived under SAHA Poster Collection AL2446_1656