30 July 2014

Donate your Shifty swag to the archives

As part of the Shifty Records Legacy Archive Project and in the frenetic lead up to Shifty September, SAHA is urgently looking for original Shifty Records and Voëlvry paraphernalia to add to the archive.

What we are after:


  • t-shirts that bear the marks of too many late nights at Shifty haunts;
  • crumpled flyers and dog-eared posters from gigs at the Black Sun that have been serving as bookmarks for the last 20 years; or,
  • even personal photographs from misspent Shifty youth at Jameson’s or on the road with Voëlvry or from anywhere for that matter!

These are the real Shifty stories. Please contact SAHA to find out how you can add your story to the Shifty Archives.

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Shifty Records archive material - AL3296