03 July 2014

Struggle t-shirts: Call for assistance

SAHA has commissioned a team to perform an archival audit and develop a catalogue of struggle t-shirts.

This project, using the SAHA collection as a starting point, seeks to explore the role of t-shirts in the anti-apartheid struggle, and beyond as an ‘embodied practice of resistance and testimony’. It aims to build, consolidate and profile a substantial archive on the history of struggle t-shirts to be made available to future generations.

We are extending an open call to all who may have in their possession or have knowledge of private collections of struggle t-shirts to include in our research - whether it be just one, a handful or a large collection. Information around official collections would of course be welcome too. However, we hope that we have covered some of these already in our research.

We would be very grateful for any information that you may have. Please contact SAHA directly on archives@saha.org.za or call: +27 (0) 11 718 2564.

AL3274_D32 The Gille de Vlieg Photographic Collection D32 Sicelo Dlomo,SOSCO activist, detained and beaten by police, killed in Jan 1988 by John Itumelend Dube, MK Special Operation, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 1986-11-10.AL3274_D08.8The Gille de Vlieg Photographic Collection. D8.8 Albertina Sisulu speaks, Nyami Booi holds the umbrella, Alexandra, Gauteng, 1986-03-05STOP APARTHEID struggle t-shirt