31 July 2014

Treat yourself to something Shifty on Thundafund

We’re asking all those music lovers out there to help us to get the bands back together, to (re)produce James Phillips' lost classic, and to bring the definitive Shifty Story (warts and alll) to a bioscope near you.

To help you to help us to make SHIFTY SEPTEMBER a celebration worthy of our shifty past, we’ve chosen to partner with a local crowd finding platform, Thundafund, an online Crowdfunding Café and marketplace for creatives and innovators in South Africa.

We need more cash to bring as many of the Shifty musicians not based in Johannesburg to participate in Shifty September, and at HERITAGE MUSIC FESTIVAL: Viva la Différence! at the Bassline in Johannesburg on 24 September. We are not selling tickets for the festival – pretty much the only way to get a ticket to this event is to support our project!

Cover of the rare cassette-only release of THE OTHERWHITE ALBUM

We’re also trying to raise much-needed funds to release a vinyl double album of the BEST OF SHIFTY, and produce a gorgeously subversive coffee table book showcasing the Shifty Story.

Most importantly, Shifty Records needs the cash to remix and release James Phillips & the Lurchers’ The Other White Album in 2015 to mark 20 years since his tragic death in July 1995.

And finally, of course, the definitive Shifty documentary is *well* overdue.

If we get enough support to hit the BIG milestone on Thundafund , Shifty kingpin Lloyd Ross will be able to record all the happenings throughout Shifty September and get busy trying to persuade people to dish the dirt on film about the Shifty characters (himself included) from the bad old days. (Lloyd is actually now a real-deal documentary film-maker, with awards to prove it and all, and he *promises* to be objective...)

And what will Shifty Supporters get for their troubles?

Well, in addition to lifelong gratitude and access to a once-in-a-lifetime Shifty reunion, there will be exciting limited edition packages of Shifty tracks – advance copies of brand new digital compilations from Lloyd, limited copies of albums on vinyl, anniversary re-releases of some of the classics and other secret Shifty surprises.

The rewards are all yours once we reach our first milestone, so please show your support and help us to get there and beyond. 


Support Shifty September on Thundafund

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