15 July 2014

GALLERY: Eugene De Kock and the TRC

Eugene De Kock was a former member of the South African Police and operated during apartheid. Nicknamed “Prime Evil” by the press during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) hearings. De Kock was the commander of C1, the South African Police counterinsurgency unit, notoriously known as Vlakplas where he was involved in the kidnapping, torture and murder of numerous anti-apartheid activists from the 1980s to the early-90s. De Kock recently made news when he was denied parole.

These cartoons are from the Zapiro TRC collection (AL3129) at SAHA. Other materials on Eugene de Kock can be found in the following SAHA archival collections (register and log in to download):

De Kock’s amnesty application to the TRC can be found in the FOIP collection (B01.5.04).

Information on Eugene de Kock can also be found on the SAHA/ SABC Truth Commission Special Report website. This website is based on the SAHA/Truth Commission Special Report Multimedia product produced by SAHA from 2008-2010.



















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